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Shot blasting machine

Product Introduction:This machine is a special equipment for wire cleaning. It uses the shot blasting process to remove the oxide scale on the wire surface. After shot blasting, the...

Detailed Introduction

Technical Parameter

Wire single pass shot blasting machine

. Equipment usage

This machine is a special equipment for wire cleaning. It uses the shot blasting process to remove the oxide scale on the wire surface. After shot blasting, the rust removal level of the entire surface of the workpiece reaches Sa2.5. Compared with the pickling treatment, it is economical, environmentally friendly and efficient. Features.

The equipment adopts a unique built-in shot blasting device, which greatly improves the production capacity of the equipment. The reasonable arrangement of the shot blasting device allows the inner and outer surfaces of the wire to be effectively hit by the projectile. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, fully automatic operation is convenient and reliable

. Main technical indicators (acceptance assessment standards)

1. Disc round material specifications:

A. Steel types: nickel-based alloy steel, alloy tool steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, carbon structural steel, high-speed tool steel, spring steel, bearing steel, stainless steel,

B. Wire diameter: Φ5.5~Φ42mm,

C: Applicable equipment: combined drawing machine, inverted drawing machine

2. Surface quality requirements after treatment:

1. Surface roughness: Ra≤12.5; subject to GB6060.5-88 "Comparative sample block of shot blasting, sandblasting and surface roughness". No new injuries are allowed on the surface of the material after shot blasting.

2. Noise: Noise: ≤85dB (based on 1m away from the equipment), the noise should comply with the "Code for Design of Noise Control in Industrial Enterprises" GBJ8F-85

3. Dust meets environmental protection standards, indoor dust emission: ≤10mg/m3

4. Good airtightness.

. Equipment composition

1. Straightening feeding system

2. Shot blasting system

3. Environmental protection system

4. Pneumatic control system

5. Electrical control system

Ⅳ.shot blasting process and working principle

1. The working principle of shot blasting

 According to the characteristics of the wire, the machine adopts 4 high-efficiency built-in shot blasters installed inside the chamber, and the wire is shot blasted at a projectile speed of 78 m/s. The machine also passes the pill and slag separation system, high-strength

High temperature resistant belt hoist, two-stage long fiber polyester filter cartridge purification and dust removal system (inertia + filter cartridge), automatic + manual man-machine interface electronic control system, so that the workpiece can meet the requirements of efficient automatic shot blasting.

2. The projectile cycle sequence:

Projectile storage →             flow control →                     shot blasting cleaning

↑                                                                                                  ↓

(Recirculation) Pill storage bucket ← Pill slag separator ← bucket elevator vertical lifting

3. Dust treatment sequence:

Shot blasting chamber/separator dust → inertial sedimentation chamber → filter cartridge dust collector → discharged into the atmosphere


Processing speed

Wire section diameterΦ5.5-Φ24mmΦ15-Φ42mm
Center height1175mm1175mm
Number of throwing heads44
Single head power18.5KW22Kw
Steel shot diameter0.2-0.5mm0.2-0.5mm
Total power91110



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