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What are the characteristics of the chain drawing machine?

2022-12-28 17:09   Read:1431

The chain drawing machine refers to the drawing machine in which the drawing trolley is driven by the sprocket chain system. It mainly has two types, namely single-chain and double-chain series. For round rods, both can be fully automated, automatic feeding + automatic extrusion + automatic drawing + automatic unloading. The main drive of the single-chain drawing machine only drives one chain to drive a drawing trolley to work. Because of the simple structure, it has the advantages of low manufacturing and use costs. The main drive of the double-chain drawing machine drives two chains at the same time, and the two chains are on the same bed, and jointly drive a drawing trolley to work. The drawing trolley is fixedly connected to the chain, and the chain reciprocates to continuously drive the drawing trolley forward. And return, the cost is high, but the drawing center line basically coincides with the chain tension action line, and the drawing process is stable, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of the finished product, increasing the drawing speed, and thus high production efficiency.

The pulling force range of the chain drawing machine is 150KN~1000KN, the maximum stroke is 12m, and the maximum drawing speed is 30m/min; it is suitable for cold drawing of bars and profiles of ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials, and is widely used in carbon steel and stainless steel. , Cold-drawn processing of aluminum rods, copper rods, copper bars, profiles and other products



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