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Application of combined drawing machine

2018-12-01 13:52   Read:3284

Manufacturers supply combined drawing machine--precision stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminum wire rod finishing equipment

Scope of application: iron, steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, copper alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy (such as: 12L14, SUS304, 45#, Q235, 40Cr, Gr15, H59, 6063, 7075, etc.)

Main function: drawing and forming the disc at one time, automatic production line for high-precision cold-drawn rods

Process flow: unwinding stand/uncoiler, pre-straightening, automatic head extrusion, drawing, fine straightening, cut-to-length, polishing machine/two-roller straightening machine, finished product collection.

Operation mode: fully automatic continuous processing with multiple processes integrated, one person operates and guards

Drawing speed: 5~80M/min (stepless speed regulation)

Finished product specifications: light circle (diameter: 3mm-40mm), square, hexagonal, special-shaped; (length: 2M~8M)

Advantages of combined drawing machine equipment:

1. No loss of raw materials (a coil of wire has only one head); 2. Improve production efficiency (the fastest drawing speed can reach 80M/min);

3. Greatly reduce costs (one set of equipment is operated by one person, which is a combination of functions of multiple sets of traditional equipment);

4. High quality of finished products (straightness: <0.30mm/m, roughness: Ra<1.6um; diameter tolerance: <0.02m)

5. The combined drawing machine produced by Weiguo Technology adopts Siemens PLC, which has a more reasonable design, is easy to manufacture, has good equipment stability, low maintenance cost, high cost performance and professional service.

6. The first choice for modern cold drawn/cold drawn/drawn bar manufacturers.

7. Application fields Bright material processing Non-ferrous metal industry Fastener industry Auto parts Spring industry Hydraulic industry Bearing industry Machining.



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